My partner, Kusum and I chose the topic, student engagement. I feel this was a perfect topic to gain more knowledge in, since what instructor doesn’t want to keep their students engaged? I think the hardest part of this assignment for Kusum and I, was to find just one article relating to trends and one relating to roles, in student engagement. Doing research online it is so easy to get caught up in the endless articles, easily accessible at our fingertips. I found myself reading an article or blog, then finding some new and interesting trend, and going off and googling the new topic.

While kusum and my articles, had some similar trends and roles, I feel we still had room to learn from each other. What I was really interested in learning from Kusum, was how she related the emerging social trend of personalizing learning with her current mentoring role. She has been in charge of mentoring a group of 3 students, with some projects. She communicates mainly with these students through social media via text or emails. Her students are even using their cell phones to record and document interview while out in the field. I am interested in hearing success stories related to the use of mobile devices in a school setting. So far in the clinic setting at OC, mobile devices are not acceptable, or useful, having currently added new computers to every op it really limits the use or need for cell phones.

While doing a learning project with a partner online, was a learning curve for me, I also found it to be a great experience. I got the opportunity to build a rapport with a fellow student. It was nice to have another student to interact with, and discuss thoughts and ideas on our current assignments. I can see how group projects can help keep students engaged because it can be more interesting working with a partner and have discussion on a topic then just working by yourself.

You can check out Kusum blog at:


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