Teaching to Diversity

book tornato

Is it possible to teach to every student’s unique learning style and needs? Even with multiple types of teaching approaches it is still going to be an endless struggle. Classes are always changing, it’s hard to say what dynamic of race, personalities and learning styles, are going to walk into your classroom next.  Now a days there is just so much diversity. You have multicultural classrooms with self- directed learners, and highly teacher dependent learners. Things get even more interesting when you have English as a second language for some students. This is where using a feedback instrument is going to pay a big part in you instructing. It can help you get an understanding of where your students are in their learning and where you may to make some adjustments.

In Chapter 8, of The Skillful Teacher, Brookfield gives some examples of excellent teaching approaches he uses. Brookfield (2015)  states variations and experimentation are always bounded by our personalities, abilities, knowledge and experience. We have limits, as individual instructors. He refers to team-teaching as one of his most successful teaching approaches, especially when the right mix of personalities, teaching styles and racial backgrounds are combined. I am so lucky this is how I get to instruct in clinic everyday, so i know first hand what a great success this can be.


Brookfield, S.D (2015). The Skillful Teacher: On Trust, technique and responsiveness in the classroom. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.


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