More Family Time, Less Marking Time

I love assessing my student’s knowledge, but who doesn’t dread the never endng pile of  marking? Students want their marks as soon as they have completed their exams. We live in a world of instant results. We order coffee and breakfast on an app before we leave the house. We have become accustomed to not waiting for anything, especially important results like our evaluations or assignment marks.

In my new course on media enhanced learning, we are sharing resources to use in the classroom. My favourite so far would have to be the pairing of google forms + flubaroo. I feel like google forms might be old news to lots of people but since it’s new to me I feel I need to share it just in case it’s new to someone else! You can create lots of different documents including worksheets and quizzes in google forms. It gives you step by step instructions. You even get options on answers styles, multiple choice or short answers.

I also included a link to flubaroo. Which you can add to google forms to make your marking even easier! I know as an instructor, marking is so time consuming. I am all for time-saving ideas so that’s why these two are a great addition to my teaching portfolio.  I am so excited to start updating some of the current evaluation in my course and maybe creating a few of my own with the new resources I am discovering.

I hope you find these links as helpful as I have.


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