What You Should Know Before You Post on YouTube

I use YouTube not only as a source of informational videos for my students but also for myself. Whether it is for my own online schooling or for research on a topic for my class. To date, I haven’t been big on posting to YouTube only a few small items, but I am sure as I grow as an instructor  so will my YouTube posts.

My biggest concern with posting on YouTube is the same as posting to any site online. Where does it go? Who can access it? And what rights do I have? I came across a Ted Talk with Margaret Gould Stewart, and she explains a bit about YouTube’s policies and how you can protect yourself by registering under their content ID.

I have never heard of Margaret Gould Stewart before this video but after I read her Bio it sounds like she has moved on to Facebook. I am curious to see if she is in charge of copyrights with Facebook? I might have to do some more researching.



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