Why do we continue to lecture, when the results keep telling us they are not the best way to deliver content? Why do we teach to only one learning style?  Students have changed, they expect more for their instructors and the same old boring lessons day after day are not going to be enough for them.  We all know why we do it because change is hard, it’s messy and takes a lot of energy. It’s not that we are lazy if we were lazy we wouldn’t be instructors. This job is not designed for lazy people. I have never worked so hard at a job as I have as an instructor. But I have to say the rewards are just as huge as the effort you put in. The day you get to pass your students their diploma’s, is worth all the hard work. It makes every late night and early morning easier.  It reminds me of being a parent. I can barely remember the sleepless nights and the exhausting days because the reward of a watching my children grow is a hundred times larger than any sleepless night.

Lucky for me I am a new instructor, I am not set in my ways. I actually don’t have any ways yet. Change is easier if you have never set expectations. My courses are planned, laid out and tied with a pretty bow but they aren’t mine. They aren’t my information, my research, I am not tied to them. It’s time for me to get creative, start using some of the new tools I have been learning about from my PIDP courses and put my students learning first. It’s time for me to start making some changes.


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