Creating an Info-Graphic



I recently had an assignment for my 3240 class, where we got to decide which project we wanted to do. Our options were an interview and an essay, creating a learning community, an Info-Graphic and Podcast or  PowerPoint and a Podcast.    I chose to do an infographic and Podcast since I had never done either project before, so I figure this would be a great learning experience.  This was defiantly an interesting project. It brought me out of my comfort zone, which is why I picked it. It was something different which is nice for a change. I wanted to try doing an Info-Graphic so I could understand what it was all about in case I want to use it as an assignment for my students. I liked using my creativity, it was a fun assignment.  I used the online site “Piktochart” to create my Info-Graphic. This site was pretty easy to figure out. It had lots of icons and graphics to choose from. Just like most sites you can access more tools if you want to sign up for the upgrade. I didn’t do the upgrade at this time since its a monthly fee and I have no future projects at the moment.

The only issue I found was that there was no spell check on the site. For the most part, I used word and transported my information over but I did add a few things directly. I would just recommend  double checking before publishing your final project.

Have fun creating!!

You can follow the link below to check out my finished project:

Create your own Info-Graphic at Piktochart website below:


Picture retrieved from Pinterest site at the link below:





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