I just finished watching a TEDx Talk video, with Joe Ruhl, that I had saved a few months back.  I honestly couldn’t remember why I had saved it till I watched it again. Joe Ruhl is inspiring. His passion for teaching is obvious and infectious. He has created a desire in me to want to be the most amazing instructor I can be.

In this video, Joe talks about inspiring his students and teaching them what he calls the 5 C’s.




Critical thinking


Four of his 5 C’s are considered essential twenty-first-century skills all children should learn. He added CHOICE to the list as a characteristic of the classroom.

Joe believes in a student centred learning approach in his classroom. He explains in this video a bit about how he uses the 5 C’s in his classroom.  At the end of the video, Joe Introduces a number 6 “C” and what he calls the most important C of all.


What are your students going to remember most from your teaching? What do you want them to remember most? Do you want them to remember that you gave challenging final exams? That you were always on time for class?

Or do you want your students to remember that you gave an extra 10 %? That you stayed late to help a struggling student or that you spent extra time creating interesting games to help your students as a review. For me my students are individuals. They each bring a little something special to my classroom. I want them to know that I see their special skills, that they don’t go unnoticed and that I truly am interested in their personal wellbeing and their families. I want to inspire them to fall in love for their new profession. To be the most amazing dental assistants they can be.

I have included a link to the TEDx Talk Video: Teaching Methods for Inspiring the Students of the Future with Joe Ruhl. It is almost 18 minutes long but I do recommend watching the full video, the last two minutes is when He really gets into inspiring your students.



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