Six Things That Make College Teachers Successful

While reading Mary Clement’s article, Six Things That Make College Teachers Successful,
I realized I had finally found the article I had been looking for. I didn’t just want another article or website telling me, “my role as an instructor is to facilitate my students learning.” I wanted an article that could give me examples of ways my roles as an instructor could help improve my student engagement. What stuck with me most from Clement’s article was her line “it was a true passion for the subject, a desire to learn all about it, and a further desire to share that knowledge.” (Clement, M. 2014) Their is nothing more rewarding then having an educator that loves their chosen profession.

Clement, M. (2014, November 21). Six Things That Make College Teachers Successful. Faculty Focus. Retrieved From


How technology Trends have Influenced the Classroom

This article, How Technology Trends Have Influenced the Classroom, touches on a few of the growing trends emerging in education. It addresses mainly technology based changes and how it effects your classroom. I like how the author listed a topic, gave a brief overview of the topic and then had a section on classroom outcome from this related topic.

Hooker, C. (2014, March 5). How technology Trends Have influenced the classroom. In Mind/Shift: How we learn. Retrieved from