I am currently finishing up my PIDP 3240 course. For one of our assignment, we were to share teaching tools and web media. I started a discussion on the website Slideshare. SlideShare is similar to YouTube but with slides instead of videos. People can create slide presentations on their topic then post to the site. There is thousands of topics to choose from and some amazing slides uploaded. SlideShare can be a great media addition to your classroom presentation.

My one piece of advice, when using someone else’s information, is to always make sure it’s correct information.  One SlideShare I found had incorrect information on dental instruments! It had a picture of a ball burnisher (which I am sure makes no sense to anyone not in the dental field) under the heading carving instrument! Anyone in the dental field can tell you a ball burnisher is a finishing instrument.

I have used SlideShare in the past as an extra studying tool or home resource for my students. I am only a substitute instructor in theory and so my PowerPoints presentation are prepared for me. I have found that sometimes our PowerPoint presentation in the classroom are designed around us talking and filling in the blanks. They might not be the best resource for a student that is struggling. I have found some excellent SlideShare presentations on dental topics.  Some of these slides use visual aids that can help target your students that may have a variety of different learning styles. I feel this is a website that any instructor or student should check out.


The extra link below is for any CDA instructors out there? This is a SlideShare I used recently on dental instruments. It has 99 slides and lots of details but I mainly liked the middle portion which broke down hand instruments with pictures, explanations of design and uses.


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As an instructor I don’t just teach, I want to motivate and inspire.I wanted to become an instructor because I love my career. I love my patients, my bosses and my co-workers. I wouldn’t be able to do the job I do without any of them. Don’t get me wrong not every day is amazing, but the challenges we face teach us to grow, and change and come back and do it again the next day.

A few months back I started following Amy Purdy on Facebook. Her posts caught my eye because she was talking doing a photo shoot for a fitness magazine. Amy is a double leg amputee and Paralympic medal winning snowboarder. I was instantly in love with her. She shares her daily ups and downs on facebook like we are friends having coffee. I have followed her to Brazil where she performed at the opening ceremonies for the Paralympics and most recently to the hospital where she ended up after a rare illness.

From her hospital bed, she shared a link to her TED talks video. I have watched lots of TED talks on education and as much as I find them interesting but not many have inspired me. Today I wanted to add a post to my blog that was from me. Not on education, not on new media and technology but a post that inspired me to enjoy every day, live every moment, fight the battles you don’t think you can win. But most importantly be amazing!! You never know who is watching you. Whether it’s a student, a co-worker or your child, someone is out there is thinking you are amazing so don’t let them down.